Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blogs for Boobies....FINAL DAY OF AUCTION!!!

Today is the last day for all of our wonderful designers who participated to accept offers on their super gorgeous cards. Please bid generously on something that you love!! ALL proceeds will go directly to the Susan G Koman Foundation. This is the card I have up for auction. The highest bid right now is at $10.00. Lets see how high we can get that today!!!! To see all the particulars about the process see my post here.


For your convenience here is the master list of bloggers for you to take a final look at!!!

Day 1 participants:

Heather Engebretson -

Barb Turpin -

Becky Olsen -

Megan Hoeppner -

Kim Kesti -

Ashley Cannon Newell -

Angela Thomas -

Ann Kranitz -

Shannan Teubner -

Belinda Chang Langer -

Brenda Weaver -

Jennifer Ingle -

Teresa Kline -

Wendy Price -

Jodi Collins -

Day 2 participants:

Kim Hughes -

Kandi Phillips -

Sharon Harnist –

Amy Sheffer –

Jennifer Buck –

Amy Tsuruta -

Tammie Beaton -

Rae Barthel –

Wendy Jordan -

Sarah Martina Parker -

Lea Lawson -

Teri Anderson -

Deb Felts –

Kimberly Crawford -

Gladys Chia -

Jen del Muro -

Maile Belles -

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Kristel said...

Gorgeous card Ann! I'm sure the bids will go further up!
Hugs Kristel