Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hubby's Birthday Card

Hi Everyone! Well work is finally slowing down. Its good and bad. Good because I will have more free time and bad because, well you can figure that out. My husbands b-day is today and I made this card last night at 1am. I really like this top notz die from SU. All material on my card today is SU except for the stamp. It is from Missy B. (and I purposly left it uncolored. It just felt right!!) I hope you like it.

On a seperate note, I just placed a SU order with my good friend Jodi who is sooo into Twilight that she has convinced me to read the book. Have many of you read the book already? I feel like the last person on earth who has not so my goal for next week is to read it. I will keep you posted. Have a great night and I hope you enjoy my husbands card.

1 comment:

Candy said...

LOVE this card. I like it so much when someone does something different!!!
I have not read Twilight and don't know a thing about it - so guess you aren't the only one. Hope you enjoy it.